<a href=”http://therecruitmentqueen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/jobfair.jpg”><img class=”size-medium wp-image-3079 alignright” src=”http://therecruitmentqueen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/jobfair-300×195.jpg” alt=”jobfair” width=”300″ height=”195″ /></a>The 5th Watford Job Fair was held on 30th June 2016 at The Langley. I have to say well done for the organisation and the companies who attended – an impressive turnout.

I attended to view the event as a company who work in the field of recruitment and the development of young people to become “job ready”. My 18 year old son joined me and assessed the event from the view of a young person researching what jobs opportunities are available locally.

There was a good mix of Companies there and I was interested to see how many of them had attended with “available jobs” so that young people could actually discuss and apply directly for a position. I attended the event late in the day, and appreciated it was quieter then, but it was still busy with a great buzz in the room.

The structure was well thought out – with companies in one area, career &amp; development organisations in another, and actual interview areas available.

I was rather disappointed that a large number of companies were there just to discuss current vacancies or capture information, and there were fewer people there to discuss what progression or career opportunities were available within their organisations, although this was not true of them all.

I would strongly recommend companies to attend this event and young people to go along to look at all the opportunities available.

One comment I would like to stress was my disappointment in the appearance of a number of the prospective “job hunters”. When you are looking for employment – every single interaction you have can be valuable. Whatever industry or role you are considering – your “personal brand” is extremely important. To enter a Job Fair presented the way some of the young people were – displays a lack of understanding of what expectations an employer will have of you – irrespective of the role. How you engage when job hunting – in your appearance, presentation and attitude – will create an impression – so make it a good one !!!!

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