About our CSR

The belief we have in people is not just about capitalising on their strengths to succeed in a company, it stretches far beyond that into supporting those who can’t always support themselves. It is important to stand up and be an important part of the community using our own people and our business to make the connections ensuring the local charities benefit from what we do.

We have chosen 2 local charities to work with, Peace Hospice Care in Watford and Young Enterprise.

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The Peace Hospice

Peace Hospice Care touches so many lives around us and we support them in 2 ways. We take part in local events to raise money on a regular basis and we also work with them in an advisory corporate capacity to assist them with their growth and development of the people and processes.

Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise contributes to creating and shaping the future we are all looking towards, working with students to help them find their way, allowing them to appreciate their strengths early in life. We work with Young Enterprise running their programmes in the local schools across Rickmansworth, Watford and St Albans for 10 days a year.

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