It is my pleasure to officially roll out the You’re Hired!TM series of workshops for those of you who participated in my MasterClass in the past and begged me to begin to offer the workshop on a regular basis. Our first class was a phenomenal success for the participants. We reached our goal of 80% of participants securing an interview with a prospective employer before the end of the second day.

Currently, I am offering the You’re Hired!TM 2-day seminar three weekends each month. We also offer individualised workshops to address the more particular needs of some of the job hunters out there. For instance, we offer specialised classes designed to specifically address: interviewing skills, effective CV writing techniques and job hunting research skills. Please visit our Workshop Scheduling page or sign up for my e-mail newsletters to receive notification when these workshops are scheduled.

I have designed the You’re Hired!TM workshop series to address the needs of today’s job hunting population. Through my work with client employers and job candidates at CMR Recruitment, I’ve seen the changes that the global recession has wrought upon the job market. Employers are becoming much shrewder and more demanding, while job seekers are struggling just to get interviews where they can prove their skills and talents to those prospective employers. I see so many companies today miss out on hiring star candidates simply because those candidates lack the skills and knowledge needed to secure an interview.

Today’s job market is seeing a tremendous amount of job candidate availability as a result of redundancy. The economy has forced employers to re-evaluate their budgets and staff, cutting costs in their largest area of discretionary spending: payroll and benefits. Unfortunately, job seekers have not retooled their job hunting skills to cope with the changing face of these economic times.

Seeing the frustration faced by candidates who walk through my doors everyday inspired me to dedicate more of my time to offering my unique perspective and skills to give you the proper insight into the mind of today’s employer. In upcoming articles, I will tackle contemporary employment issues, such as:

    Facing redundancy
    Vocational re-education and resources
    New skills for the modern job market
    Reinventing your profile
    Using social media to your job search advantage

The articles you will find here are meant to add to the skills and knowledge presented in the You’re Hired! TM workshops. However, ANY job seeker wanting to boost or rebuild their career will find the advice and information helpful in finding rewarding, satisfying employment in any industry, at any level.

Please feel free to post any comments or questions about the topics presented, and don’t hesitate to e-mail me with suggestions for topics you would like addressed in the future.