“Time and time again we see how irresponsible some individuals can be where they have the task of sifting through cvs, making judgements which could effect negatively someone’s career. I think we as humans will always judge others in line with an opinion based on our own experiences, but all this highlights for me is our continual obsession to be negative about something we don’t understand, or haven’t experienced, or where we believe our experience is better than theirs.

The bigger thing I don’t understand is what on earth made anyone think they could write this sort of thing based on a document, which as we all know tells us so little about an individual. As a company are you ensuring your agencies or managers are opened up to the positive when they read something like this, or are they too arrogant to appreciate, different might sometimes be better. I’d like to know what this company is doing with the individual who made these comments to show the company only retain and employ those who are true to the values of respecting others.

An objective engaging process is crucial for recruitment. Would you want to work for Tecomak now? Would you even send a cv in knowing that person could still look at it? You cannot just apologise , you have to take action Tecomak!

What I am glad to see is that we are not sighting some law to say what is wrong or right here. We are on the side of human decency and respect of what is right, which is how all areas should be tackled. ”

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