Charlie Ryan comments on the below linked article:

“This is a brilliant article and so reflective of what is happening in today’s market. It is impossible at such a young age to know what you want to do and the pressure to get that “right” or “perfect” job so early, which is coming from parents is not the way forward. Graduates should come out and start working to understand some of the more subliminal messages of working in an environment of deadlines, and environment of where mistakes have consequences and business etiquette. At this point the individual is finding their feet and shouldn’t be looking now at that job that will set them up in 5 or 10 years-time. This pressure if anything, is stopping graduates getting their head down and putting the time in to get good at something, which will be invaluable later on, because parental or peer pressure is making them always worry about where they are going next. This speed of the need for a career, or a promotion is making them run before they can walk, which is now delivering real gaps in the market where individuals at a certain age should be better than they are currently able to demonstrate.

Our advice, get a job, earn some money to start paying your way in life and get good at whatever you do. Be the person everyone remembers and wants to be around and that in itself will lead to a successful journey either continuing with that company or with another.”