This week we’ve just received the exciting news that we have been shortlisted for not just one, but two awards from the Recruiter Awards 2018!

For the extensive work that we’ve been doing with Schools, Colleges and Universities as part of our “Bridge the Gap” program, Charlie Ryan as founder of The Recruitment Queen has been shortlisted for Recruitment Industry Entrepreneur of the Year. We are working with the Education sector to help students at a younger age to understand the expectations of employers and the process of job hunting.

In addition, CMR Recruitment has been shortlisted for Recruitment Agency of the Year in the Micro category, where we believe that we are a recruitment agency working with a difference and strong assurance in our values. One of our key differences is that we have an arrangement with our clients that they will interview each candidate we put forward, and this is sign of our commitment to putting in the time and work to finding the right candidates for each and every role. We continue to strive to provide great value for money for our clients visit, and this means seeking to achieve more successful job fills for both employer and job hunter.

We are delighted that the panel of judges selected both of our entries and look forward with anticipation to hearing the finalists!

CHARLIE-SEATEDHere’s what our Charlie Ryan had to say: “We are delighted to have made the shortlist in both of these areas, as they are so close to my heart with my determination to change the world of recruitment to enable the candidate to have the best experience ever. This recognition will hopefully ensure that in future all recruiters strive to succeed for the long term career of an individual as opposed to chasing the placement, which has been the more traditional push of the industry.”