Charlie Ryan says: “I don’t think it will come as much of a surprise to us that there is now AI which can assess and judge our suitability from an uploaded video interaction. I think this will save a lot of time in the recruitment process and have some advantage, however it is still only one stage in the process and it is also an individual interacting with a camera, as opposed to another individual. There are so many areas that will not be assessed at this stage in the process, for example, the interaction with another human being and responding to the unexpected question or scenario. AI definitely has it’s part to play in saving us a lot of time and money during some of those basic stages in recruitment and it will contribute to the objectivity of the process overall. What is important to note is that it will never replace the whole process and you need to understand what is being assessed via the AI process to get past it. As with all recruitment do your research, so as you know what you need to do to secure your position in the face to face or final part of the process.”

Comment based on: The Sunday Times