I’ve been out of work for a while and I am worried I won’t get another job!

How long is a reasonable time or what is considered to be acceptable to be out of work? And more importantly is it out of choice or not and does that make a difference? This is an issue that faces many of us today as more are being made redundant and the stigma sometimes attached as well as the dent in our confidence can mean we are out of work longer than we anticipated. It really is all about how we handle this period of time, be it 2 months, 6 months a year or longer and our own confidence in communication, which can either put this in a positive or a negative light for any future employer.

Being out of work needs to be embraced and the time needs to be utilised effectively as well as being used for job hunting. So do you have a structured day while you are out of work? If not make it structured as it is important you are able to talk about your achievements while you have been out of work as this will make it seem like a choice that is being maximised. This might mean regular exercise, regular volunteering, or studying of some sort around your job hunting.

Long periods of time out of work need to be explained through what you have been doing but also the fact that you are being very specific in your approach to job hunting. Therefore you know what you want to do and there are only a certain number of opportunities which meet that criteria. You are sending the message out to any future employer that it is important to you to have the right job rather than any job. Now this might not always be the case but those of us which have the confidence to communicate in this way, feel empowered and that message is received by a future employer in a positive light, demonstrating attributes of determination, confidence and ability to adapt to what is throw to you as well as being focused in what you want to do. Now who wouldn’t employ that???

If you are making the statement,”I’ve been out of work for a while and I am worried I won’t get another job”, the chances are that will be felt by others whereas if that thought is removed and you concentrate on what you have been doing with the time then a positive message will be received. We know candidates who have taken 2 years out and got another job, because they made us and the employer believe it was “their” time and something they wanted to do but for all we know maybe they couldn’t get a job in that time. Who knows? But all I do know is that they believed they would get a job regardless of that gap and they didn’t see it as an issue so they succeeded. Don’t let your thoughts be self fulling or if they are make sure they are going to get you a job.

The rules are:

Be structured with your out of work day
Concentrate on what you achieve in that time
Have fixed appointments – be it exercise, volunteering, or learning
Give a couple of hours a day to job hunting and be very specific about what you want

If you follow this and embrace and utilise this time, no matter how long you have been out of work, it will be irrelevant, because remember you haven’t been out of work, you have been so busy contributing to these other areas and it is important for you to only apply for the right job and not any job!! Send this message and you will be recruited.