Personality testing candidates before they apply isn’t the school of thought we subscribe to unless you will be using the results later on in the process. If the results are being used as a clear screening in or out tool, I would find this to be unfair. It is nearly suggesting that there is a flaw in a personality before the individual is invited to an interview, when we know that all personalities can be moulded and modified in any given set of circumstances.

I am a real advocate of understanding people and personality testing, but for me it’s qualitative use is of utmost importance. Understand the personality profile you are getting with the attitude and then understand the differences, or the art of compromise to achieve success, as can be demonstrated in every successful relationship around the world.

Great recruitment and the long-term success of your team and business is about understanding your people and what they contribute. Trying to recruit perfection on the right personality test will only lead to disappointment and failure and even in some cases never meeting that “gem” of a candidate.

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