FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the most popular social media networks in the English-speaking world, and as such form powerful tools, you can use in your job search. The number of users on these sites is staggering:

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  • FaceBook: 500 million users
  • LinkedIn: 150 million users
  • Twitter: 75 million users


As a job hunter, you can take advantage of this exposure by creating and maintaining a professional, stylish profile that showcases your skills and talent. However, if your current social media profiles are  full of unsuitable material, make sure your privacy settings don’t allow just anyone (especially potential employers) to see what you got up to at the weekend after one too many drinks. This is a really important subject for anyone looking who’s looking for a job, as your social media profiles may give away to a potential employer more than your CV ever could when it comes to them formulating an opinion of you. Don’t forget they may check you out on Facebook or Twitter, before you’ve even received a call! So make sure you don’t get ruled out of the process before you’ve even had a chance to shine.

LinkedIn is probably the best and in some cases most important network to join for job hunters, as it’s a professional network as opposed to a social network. It has been known for some employers to ignore the CV’s of those who are not on LinkedIn, as they take it as a sign of someone who’s not switched on to the current digital business world.

As the focus on LinkedIn is the professional profile and company-company links, you have the opportunity to connect with people in different companies and make important professional contacts that are not available on other sites. You can also update your status each time you adjust your profile, which will send an update to all of your contacts and let them know about your latest work experience, or projects. This can facilitate getting the word out that you are an experienced and well-connected professional in search of new career opportunities.

Another advantage LinkedIn offers is exposure to higher level positions, such as mid- to upper level management and sales positions, higher paying positions overall, and connections with companies at a higher level. However, ensure you utilise all your social media networks. There are many connections through these sites that can lead to gainful, satisfying employment.