Redundancy. It has hit every industry, every job class and every nation. For those in the UK, redundancy is a long-term problem that does not seem will end soon. While there is strength in numbers, this is one area where more is not merrier – they are competing with you for very limited job resources.

So what do you do?


Don’t panic. Get your head wrapped around the idea that you are simply moving into a new stage of your career and life. Try very hard to approach this from a positive perspective. Negativity and despair create malaise, apathy and desperation. This is not the type of circumstances under which you want to direct a serious job search.

Define your goals. This will help you create the right mindset for success and allow you to refine your job hunting into a system that works. You will be much more efficient in your search efforts if you know what you need and want from your next position.


Your first preparation step is to take advantage of any programmes offered to those who have lost their jobs due to redundancy. Avail yourself of any training and re-education programmes at hand.

Next, pull together a fabulous CV that showcases your vast talent, skills and experience. Likely, you haven’t revamped your CV in quite some time. I sincerely suggest you get some help from a professional CV writer or company if you want a document that gets the right kind of attention.

Start doing your research. Survey current market salary information and target companies where you feel you would be a good fit. Research open positions in your area.


Engage all the resources you have available to you. This means you will need to talk to friends and business associates, scour the right job boards and adverts, and perhaps engage a recruiter to assist in your search.

Make sure you work smart. Organise your job hunting efforts in a manner that will optimise your efficiency. Document all CV submissions and applications and schedule them for appropriate follow-up, including telephone contact.

Attitude – Revisited

Job hunting success begins and ends with attitude. Recognise the realities of today’s job market and don’t get discouraged if you aren’t re-employed in a week. Employers have become highly selective and require significant time to interview and evaluate applicants. Spend time honing your interview skills and continuously making contact with your network. If you have the right resources in place, they will help support you emotionally and mentally through this trying time.