Most candidates are spending hours and hours on “job boards” like Monster, Jobsite and Reed, sending off application after application and searching for so many jobs that they can’t even keep them all straight.

But what if there were an easier way?

Luckily, there is. It is all about the research. If you know what you want, where you want it, why you want it, why you would be good at it and what it means for you, you end up only applying for a handful of jobs that are specifically tailored to your needs, skills and experience, and you will get one that is a perfect fit to you.

Once you have completed your initial set up (this must be done accurately), you will spend just 5 minutes a day performing up-to-date searches for the right jobs. The most challenging bit for any job hunter is making sure that their details come up on the appropriate search when an employer or agency is searching for potential candidates. This is more complicated process and it is one of the items covered in my Masterclass workshop. Getting this part right it is absolutely crucial. For instance, in a Google search, if your CV comes up on page 2, then an employer is unlikely to even get to you to make the call. Simply logging in daily to the job boards for 30 seconds also will improve your chances of success. This is just one of the things that will help, but there are many, many more technical options available to assist you. But don’t worry – you don’t need to be technical genius to understand or apply these techniques.

Job hunting is a process, and we spend hours and hours of time doing the same thing over and over, and all we ever get is the same results. Just because we do it for a long time and put hours of effort into our search doesn’t make it effective. It is far better to set it all up right in the first place and spend just 5 – 60 minutes a day on job search that actually works for you. And yes – even in 5 minutes, you can make a huge difference. It is all about understanding the tools and techniques that companies and agencies use to find YOU. Learn how to efficiently work the job boards and make them work for you by signing up for a Masterclass workshop today!