Charlie Ryan The Recruitment Queen says ““ The dynamics of the workplace are changing dramatically and it is important that employers are embracing this in order to not lose the experience and expertise required. We have a classic case this week with one of our clients where the candidate is perfect for their culture and has the best experience we need, but she wants to have a lot more flexibility then our client had initially intended. She is older and has left her previous job as they didn’t want her to reduce her hours and as she is 66 years old, she wants to get a better balance in her life. She has loved work and doesn’t want to not be involved in the workplace, however thank goodness our client is bending over backwards to accommodate her.

Actual retirement age or retirement in general should not be expected of anyone, but more of an understanding of what these individuals can still bring on a more flexible basis, if that is what they want and bearing in mind the skills gap we have in the younger market, we need to not lose these skills at the latter end of the work force.”

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