The CMR Group is one of those companies as I myself decided to go self-employed 8 years ago and although I didn’t plan to grow a team, I now employ 7 individuals of which 2 are self-employed, and the rest are PAYE. Interestingly our clients have evolved over the years and we support and recruit for a number of employers who are 15 individuals or less and were not around 10 years ago. These companies are making a little mark slowly but surely and providing much needed employment. In our own it might not make much of a difference, but multiply this up by the number of companies who have grown like us and this equates to some figures which cannot be ignored. The jobs are definitely there and I can safely say this as a recruiter who has grown in this market, but you have to be prepared to do more than you might have done before to succeed in these companies. These entrepreneur flavoured companies do not tolerate laziness or a lack of commitment, they also don’t have the “perks” of the corporate world, so many individuals do not want that job. I know how much easier it is to go and work for a recruitment company in the corporate world, then it would be to work for CMR or The Recruitment Queen, those companies don’t expect what I do of an individual, but on the other side those who want success and development, there is nothing like the speed of learning you get in a smaller organisation. These jobs are out there, but so many are not even attracted to them for fear of insecurity, size of company or sheer hard work which is required.