“I think we need to remember that as much as Brexit will have an impact on our ability to source from Europe as easily, we are a culture and an economy who have survived and thrived as a result of change. Although disappointed at the Brexit result, I also know we are a solution orientated country who thrives when faced with adversity and if anything, I would like to see the media come up with solutions and other options as opposed to putting us further into panic. Panic and uncertainty is what hurts our economy and the jobs in this country; we don’t cope with the “unknown” outcome very well. However, now we know that we are leaving, we will come up with a plan and the plan on finding the right talent will still happen, as it does from non-European countries. We are not a country who will want to kill our opportunity to grow, no matter where we have to source skills and experience.”

Comments based on article: http://www.thelondoneconomic.com/tle-pick/brexit-will-destroy-digital-tech-jobs-uk/21/03/