We have just been asked a very good question. How do we expect people without jobs to pay £200 to do job applications, which succeed?

There is no denying that it does cost money to find a job, albeit, travel a new suit, the coffee before and after and even that new pair of shoes.

Our advice is that old suit will do, but invest your money in other ways, which show you how to succeed in today’s world.  So invest in yourself perhaps you don’t go out for those few weeks at all and you put the money away, knowing that this will really make a difference to you.

Our workshops are about empowering you and sometimes it does cost some money to achieve that. We are also offering a lot of information free to you, but most of the belief we give you, enabling you to ultimately succeed has been gained through years and years of experience and recruitment success, so there is a charge for the sessions we run.

Talk to the job centre and see if they will offer any contributions for a workshop which will help you get a job and if you’re in a position of redundancy then sometimes your old company will pay for this which has worked well for a number of candidates who have come through the workshops.

We wish we could offer more for free but the time and expertise of the best always involves a cost.