A billboard, is that really the way to go?

Well as you know we are all about ensuring you differentiate yourself, but bless Adam!

So there is desire and there is desperation and the latter is being demonstrated here, which is such a shame, as I understand what Adam really was hoping to achieve, something different to those employers out there.

It is important to differentiate yourself but within the bounds of professionalism and expectation. Now the media world does allow you to be a bit whacky, but I suppose the biggest issue here is that Adam has not shown us his understanding of this world as a first class honours media graduate.

He has completely ignored and overlooked the fact of subliminal messages and sent out the wrong subliminal messages to his audience.   As for the jobs he is “overqualified” for, his demeanor and confidence would scare these employers who would sense that he feels he is destined for greatness, whether he is or he isn’t remains to be seen.

There is one thing Adam hasn’t done and that is phoned companies, he has relied on email by the looks of that inbox on his video!

So Adam has ruled himself out of general jobs and he hasn’t ruled himself into the market he wants to attract either.

You need to stand out but in better more conservative ways unless you know “Whacky” is going to get you there. So for example, stick with Arial font as the font has a better subconscious interpretation (conservative approach), but make a phone call before you send your cv (differentiation but in a professional way).

Don’t allow that inbox of Adam’s to be a copy of yours, only apply for what you know is right, and you will only know that once you phone up to investigate. Stop relying on your computer as your communication and marketing tool, it isn’t!!

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