As the founder and Managing Director of CMR Recruitment, a recruitment and consultancy business providing support to SME’s right through to corporate firms, Charlie Ryans expert knowledge is repeatedly called on by new and regular clients.

In addition to her recruitment services due to her expertise and 25 years experience within sales, Charlie also offers full training programmes tailored to each individual clients needs. With her charismatic approach, she captivates her audiences and inspires enthusiasm, encouraging attendees to relate it to their own personal hurdles within their work. Recent clients include large corporations such as Coca Cola and Nescafe right through to individuals who felt their sales skills needed fine tuning.

Her understanding of the recruitment industry, businesses and people make her a great facilitator in staff management, strategic advice, company restructuring and recruitment. Charlie is motivated by people and strongly believes that they are the crux of a company and over her years has seen that businesses are quick to employ someone with the relevant skills but lack the information of how to manage that individual to reach their full potential. Charlie saw that different forms of psychometric profiling were used within recruitment but never to their full capacity, although the information they established was vital in staff management. Charlie is a strong believer that it is not the employee’s responsibility to change once taken on for a role but the employers to tailor their management to suit the employees needs in order for them to flourish. Charlie is an approved provider of psychometric profiling and she uses DISC heavily in all aspects of her consultancy work.

Prior to launching CMR, Charlie worked as Commercial Manager for companies such as Mortimer Spinks and JPA to set up new commercial divisions. Her career expands over 18 years in recruitment alone and it was her experience in this that ignited her desire to make a difference in the world of recruitment. When she first started her own company it became very apparent that there was more she could offer than just placing a great candidate into a business. With Charlie’s consultancy, she takes a very personal approach. Charlie likes to fully immerse herself within the working environment and really get to grips with what really makes a company stand out. Once she has a feel for what the working environment is like, how each position contributes to the end goal, how each employee is performing and what the company’s future vision is, Charlie will then concentrate on providing solutions to problems that have presented themselves and details these in a management meeting and provides a detailed written copy.
Many companies have found Charlies hands on approach extremely valuable as she gains a full understanding of what is needed and so is able to advise during the implementation of these changes and are able to call on her as and when necessary.

Charlie makes her mark as she is not afraid to ask the questions that no one else will ask and will give honest feedback and advice regardless of position or connection to the company as she only ever has the company’s best intention at heart.